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Jul 8, 2017

: Episode 852 - Listener Chris talks to Vinnie about eating NSNG while training, running an accidental "ultra" marathon, and jumping rope for fitness via the Buddy Lee technique.



  • Was vegan for about 8 months
    • Worked for awhile, then he started feeling bad
  • Found NSNG from Rich Roll's podcast
    • Has been on this podcast before 
  • Accidentally stumbled into an ultra marathon on the way to training for a normal marathon
    • Training for Rock N Roll Marathon
      • Wanted to do 6 hour relay race with some friends in the ultra marathon two months prior
        • Ran ultra marathon by himself when his friends bailed 
          • Prior to that day, his longest training run had been 12 miles
            • Ran 28.05 miles!
  • From Savannah, GA 
  • Doesn't look like the average ultra runner 
  • TKD black belt 


  • Jump rope can be a fantastic work out
  • Chris watched Buddy Lee, saw how it helped his skill set
  • Chris jumped rope when he fought competitively 
    • He saw his strength, endurance, speed, recovery time all improve
      • Crazy direct carryover 
  • Worth it to get a high quality jumprope (Buddy Lee)
  • Chris is a certified jump rope trainer!



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