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Jun 23, 2017

: Episode 842 - Registered Dietitian Jaime Coffey Martinez MS, RD joins Vinnie today to discuss being a renegade dietitian and breaking the form in regards to what dietitians are taught to preach. Jaime is a strong proponent of low carb diets, and also believes in the important of vitamins.



  • Bachelor's in same thing as Vinnie
  • Masters in Clinical Nutrition from NYU
  • Check out her website here
  • Took her awhile to realize what teachers and others dietitians were preaching was wrong
    • Initially taught that we need carbs, Standard American Diet
      • Realized a few years in this was all wrong!
        • Some other dietitians are realizing this too
        • Has to be careful not to lose her license, similar to Tim Noakes
  • Soda, carbs can literally cause heart disease
  • B12 is very important!
  • Offers 1 on 1 phone calls, other services on site linked above
  • Saturated fat really is okay!
  • She and Vinnie both do not like soybeans
    • NOT good for you!
  • Eggs DO NOT cause diabetes!!!!
    • Eggs are good for you
    • For most of the population (97%), eggs are not going to mess with your dietary cholesterol 
      • Cholesterol is not the problem a lot of the time
        • Our body will make more of it if we are not consuming enough