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Jul 12, 2017

: Episode 855 - Andy and Vinnie discuss how the news media has become brainless when it comes to health because they just report what they see in blogs without any analysis or effort to look at the real science behind the headlines.



  • Andy worked for Playboy for a long time
  • Vinnie also had a role there
  • Office had to make sure people did not overstep their boundaries
  • Did not use fact they were dealing with sexual-erotic material to act inappropriately in the work place
  • Cannot make other people feel uncomfortable
  • Tough for Vinnie because he had  to comment on people's physical appearance for his job 


  • The media can often be brainless
  • People do not actually research what they report on
    • Availability heuristic comes into play when reporters are looking for information on a topic
    • Don't actually delve into both sides 
  • Many medical organizations are on the wrong track
    • The media just follows these orgs that often have unsubstantiated claims without even considering another viewpoint