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Aug 24, 2016

: Episode 659 -- Andy Schreiber and Vinnie Tortorich talk Idiocracy, water, on this Wednesday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast.



  • Parts of this movie are kind of coming true!
  • In the movie, the watrer fountains spew gatorade
  • Nobody drinks water
  • Sugary takes over, which is happening in real life too
  • Similar to questions Vinnie gets on Twitter
    • People always asking what they can drink
  • People more and more are relying on sugary drinks instead of water
  • Andy did drink lots of sugary drinks when he was young, but Vinnie only had them as a treat (Coke)
    • The Coke sat hidden outside on the porch, his family did not have soda in the main fridge, nor did Andy's although he drank them more
    • Coke in Vinnie's house was largely there for company 
    • Vinnie would only get a Coke on special celebrations or at the barber shop
      • Vinnie was more interesting in watching the Coke come out of the vending machine
  • In Vinnie's world there is tea, coffee, water, and soda water, and whiskey or scotch 
    • You don't need sugar in coffee -- eat NSNG and your coffee will start tasking sweeter!
  • Andy used to be addicted to soda and used to ALWAYS put artificial sweeteners in his coffee
    • When he gave it all up, he did not like the taste
    • NOW on NSNG he likes it so much more without the chemicals and can really taste the good flavor of the coffee
  • Starbucks is selling poison and tries to hide sugar wherever they can in their drinks
    • Careful when you order that they aren't sneaking sugar