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Sep 21, 2016

: Episode 675 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie Tortorich today to discuss testosterone replacement therapy and specifically, testosterone on this episode of podcast.



  • Andy used to apply a testosterone gel
  • It was supposed to help his sluggishness
    • It did give him a bit more energy
  • for "Low T" (BS marketing)
  • Doesn't use testosterone therapy anymore because it stopped working
  • And, his insurance stopped paying for it
    • No generic version at that time
    • The alternative was injectable
  • Then Andy started "shooting up"
    • Did that for a couple years, and it did bring his levels way up
  • Eventually stopped taking it ultimately he didn't have health insurance for a brief period
  • Never went back on because he levels were high 200s and that is good enough
  • Now,  testosterone replacement therapy is marketed as being needed for so many men who do not need it