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Nov 25, 2018

: Episode 1198 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Thanksgiving and hidden unhealthy ingredients in seemingly healthy foods. 

Content warning to parents - Vinnie mentions a derogatory word in this episode in order to explain its origin.



  • All of her family from everywhere is invited to Thanksgiving in LA
  • Kansas City, Chicago, Seattle, Arizona all represented
  • Gina makes some NSNG fare to represent the low carb community
    • Her stuff is always the first to go - it's rich, delicious, and healthy
    • Bacon brussel sprouts, for example
    • Vinnie knows Gina is an AMAZING cook
      • She has a segment on Adam Carolla called "Eat Your Feelings" where she brings an NSNG dish every week


  • Starbucks now has sous vide egg bites
    • Big step above their cakes
  • Delicious, but still has some bad stuff in it 
    • Chemicals you don't need
      • Adds to the product's shelf life
      • Also designed to make you crave it more
  • Gina used to get eggs at iHop
    • The scrambled eggs and omelettes made her feel bad
    • It's because they put GRAINS in their EGGS!
  • People worry about things like tryptophan in turkey - this is not the enemy!
    • It's the pie, the potatoes, etc. that are bad