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Jul 27, 2019

: Episode 1372 - Dameon Welch-Abernathy joins Vinnie on this Saturday show to discuss his NSNG® story, getting Type 2 Diabetes in check, health improvements from a low carb diet, the Facebook group and more.




  • Has the voice Vinnie wishes he had 
  • Dameon is successful on the internet also
  • He is 5'7", at one point he weighed 330 lbs (3 or 4 years ago)
    • Had horrible migraines and other various health issues
    • Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes (7.9 A1C) etc.
      • Sent to diabetes nutritionist afterwards; bad advice 
        • Said he had to eat tons of carbs per meal
          • Dameon realized there was something wrong with this advice
  • Did Atkins in 2003ish, got down to 250 lbs
  • Found The Obesity Code by Dr. Fung and started low carb to tackle his weight and Type 2 diabetes
    • Goal was to get blood sugar down
    • He didn't tell his doctor when he started low carb
      • His A1C lowered, then he told his doctor
        • 5.4 now
        • Wants to keep making progress
    • He's also lost weight
      • No Sugar, No Grains, no seed oils
  • Feels better sticking to real foods
  • Quit his statins as well
  • Dameon believes there is a different path for everyone via low carb
    • Some people should get off of meds, others should not (always consult with your doctor)
    • The FB group is a great way to explore various NSNG® avenues