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Sep 25, 2015

Bryan Braman, NFL linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles, joins Vinnie Tortorich on the Friday 1 on 1 edition of the Angriest Trianer podcast.



  • NFL Football player
  • Has played since high school 
  • Had a full scholarship to play college ball
    • really exciting for his family 
  • Also a great track runner 
    • Had it made in high school
    • Starting playing ball and loved it and switch
      • Allowed him to be in his own world when playing  
  • Dealt with depression and turned his life around when joining NFL 
  • Switched a lot around to play in college -- good enough grades to transfer back into D1 school
    • He had to be a developmental player 
  • Played 2 years at Long Beach City College
    • D2 athletics!
  • Made playoffs with the Eagles 
  • Uses oil on sandwiches and in shakes 
  • Has a wife and daughter