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Aug 31, 2016

: Episode 663 - Andy and Vinnie talk about fitness for older men, the over 50 crowd...



  • Vinnie and Andy don't often share music tastes, or really many tastes in general
  • However, they both love Janis Joplin
  • In the 27 club
    • with Jim Morrison whom Andy loves, but Vinnie doesn't
    • also with Stevie Ray Vaughan of whom Vinnie is a huge fan
  • Both think she is raw and honest and wonderful


  • Listener Mark asked about fitness for men 50 and above
    • He maintains a very low body fat %, but sometimes finds he works out as a 25 year old and is sore the next day
  • What is an appropriate fitness regiment for older men?
  • When you get older, you have to warm into the harder workouts and heavier weights 
  • For weightlifting, Vinnie (age 53) has to be careful regarding his back
    • When he does leg presses and squats, he will start by warming up for 15 minutes on a rower
      • Then he will stretch for 15-30 minutes depending on how tight or sore he is
        • Then he will start with very light squats and work his way up 
        • Will deadlift after he is warmed up with squats
  • Key is ramping up very slowly
    • Allow yourself more time for your workout as you get older for more warming and stretching
  • You can go as heavy as you want, but only if you build up to it
  • If you are extra sore, take it easy for a day!
  • Vinnie has to take it easy for his rehabbing shoulder as far as upper-body workouts go
  • He tells his older clients to start low and warm for upper-body workouts 
  • When it comes to aerobic activity, aerobic capacity can remain very high for a long time even if your max isn't what it used to be
  • Know yourself, prepare, and do not rush!
    • Same for Andy and his hiking
      • Same for most people
        • If Andy brings water, goes slow, and brings some NSNG salty snacks with shoes that are a bit more roomy, he is good to go indeterminately