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Sep 29, 2017

: Episode 906 - Vinnie hosts Dr Ann Childers who talks about her health decline as a vegetarian and her eventual recovery after adding fat and meat back into her diet.



  • Psychiatric physician
  • Check out her website here
  • Lived in a vegetarian home at age 13
  • College, she continued to abstain from meat for financial reasons
  • In Air Force, remained busy and not very social, ate things like powdered non-fat milk & cereal, etc.
    • Thought raisin brain and cheerios were healthy
      • Has since experimented on them and has seen how horribly sugary they are 
  • Taught in med school that fat = bad
  • Never put her biochemistry education and nutrition education together
  • Eventually, she realized how sick she had become from the vegetarian, low fat diet
    • Super disorganized, foggy, hired organizer
      • "Space cadet"
    • She began to lose her teeth
      • Began to loss bone
        • INCLUDING her ribs 
      • She even flossed and brushed every day
      • Now that she is low carb, her teeth remain much cleaner!
      • Look at her smile now!
      • Dentist catalogued what people ate when they had perfect teeth vs when their teeth were bad
        • All depends on fat, nutrients, sugar content
  • Complete turnaround once she changed her diet