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Jul 30, 2018

: Episode 1114 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie Tortorich this Monday, and the two talk espresso beans, Marie Tortorich's health, the recent interviews he has conducted and set up for Fat Documentary!



  • Vinnie got a call from his brother
  • His mom had been taken to the hospital and was on oxygen
  • Vinnie figured it would be his dad before his mom
  • He went straight to the airport and flew to Louisiana 
  • She is now okay after having a fib issues
  • Marie had the most visitors in the hospital room and looked great given she had just had a bad heart attack
  • Had no blockage (no plaque)
    • She ate pretty healthily!
      • Meat, fish, veggies, chicken, etc.


  • Vinnie has been doing many interviews with folks who will be in the Fat Doc
  • These names include: Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, Carrie Diulus, Anna Vocino, Dr. Drew, Eric Westman, Andreas Eenfeldt, Georgia Ede, Ivor Cummins, and many more!