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Apr 28, 2017

: Episode 805 - Vinnie chats with Physical Therapist Ray Klepper @dewey_klepper about how fat adaptation both prevents sports injuries and reduces recovery time from them. 



  • Ray is a physical therapist from Chico, California
  • Does a good amount of work with chronic pain that hasn't been able to be fixed before
  • Ray believes that sugar and grains which lead to inflammation are a big issue for injuries
  • Ray was big into running and cardio
    • It caused stress and inflammation so he is into lifting at the moment


  • Not only can you make better sports injuries, but you can prevent them through fat adaptation
  • When Ray fractured his elbow, he had very little pain because of his low carb diet
  • Tissue turnover is much better when you are fat adapted 
  • If you are not metabolically flexible, it really hurts inflammation
  • Chronic pain is nearly always made worse by the SAD diet
  • Sugar will kill us unless we do something about it
    • Vinnie doesn't want to sound like an alarmist
      • But if it makes our injuries so much worse, imagine what it is doing to the rest of our bodies
  • Ray tries to educate people on a better diet
    • Most of his patients have insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes