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Apr 28, 2018

: Episode 1047 - Listener Andrea joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk about the little Seattle meet-up, and how Andrea found herself falling into NSNG... literally, relationships, and more! 



  • Andrea and Vinnie met in Seattle
    • She brought a friend to the meet-up
  • Vinnie and Andy found themselves at a coffee convention this weekend


  • Andrea hurt her back because she fell 7 feet through her floor
    • Compression fracture
  • It was snowing outside, and Andrea was completely naked when she fell through the floor
  • She was listening to podcasts
  • As she was stuck, Vinnie's podcast came on 
    • She's literally waiting for someone to find her because she was totally stuck and alone
  • Luckily, her neighbor heard her calling for help
    • The firemen came and rescued her
      • Not even hot firemen 
  • She heard about NSNG before, but never really got into NSNG
  • After this experience, she took the plunge 
    • Sugar had been her best friend
    • But she was in a back brace and wanted to be healthier and limit inflammation 
  • She had been trying to cheat the system, but it didn't work
  • Andrea did not want to be like her Type 2 Diabetic boss, or her Type 2 Diabetic family
  • She initially lost 15 lbs, gained some back, but now wants to start NSNG again!
    • Meeting Vinnie was a shove in the right direction