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Mar 26, 2018

: Episode 1024 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk about Vinnie getting the opportunity to meet David Crosby, PVC's electrolytes which are on the way, bought medical textbooks, and more.



  • Nowadays, kids seem to take all types of drugs
  • Ritalin and other ADD meds are being used without need
    • Kids deal these to each other
    • Really messes it up for those who actually need it
  • Weed is now legal in CA
    • Anna is using this spray that helps her sleep
      • Doesn't want to rely on it, however


  • PVC is currently working on an electrolyte
  • Vinnie and Andy even traveled to Utah to shop for salt
    • Some of the best salt on the planet
    • TONS of minerals in it
    • Salt is mined in US!
  • This is like Gatorade but without the sugar!
  • Will likely help those with keto flu


  • This is the leading textbook in medical schools
  • A must-read in med school
  • They accepted 11 mil in financial contributions from industry people, and didn't disclose it
    • Makers of drugs and medical devices
      • So of course they want people to NEED those drugs and devices
  • Many authors hold patents in their fields
    • They want people to NEED the devices they make, so they don't tell people how to avoid needing it
  • Pretty major collusion