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Dec 24, 2016

: Episode 728 - Dan and Bryan join Vinnie this Saturday to talk about the show in Irvine, their Sportscast podcast, pro athletes, and more!



  • The two were at Vinnie's show in Irvine
  • Bryan is black and Dan is Samoan so they stuck out at the show, and they laugh about it
    • Bryan and Vinnie even go into a little diatribe about African Americans and triathlons
  • The two have Dan and Bryan Sportscast on iTu
  • They found Vinnie via the Carolla effect and loved the NSNG lifestyle idea 
    • The two loved that NSNG was the opposite of what the SAD diet is
      • Vinnie is showing people the light!


  • Dan and Bryan's podcast is all about sports
  • They talk about pro athletes and stories going on in athletics
  • Dan played college ball at University of Nebraska
    • He played against Eli Manning, who Vinnie used to train, in a bowl game
      • Vinnie trained the Mannings, and thought Cooper would be the best athlete although he could not end up playing for health reasons
      • Their dad was the quintessential dad, he did not push his kids!
        • Payton wanted to learn about the defense to become a good quarterback
  • 30 for 30s on ESPN are great!
  • They also put on interviews