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Dec 28, 2016

Episode 730 - Vinnie and Andy answer Twitter questions about intermittent fasting, cortisone shots, and the RICE method of injury recovery.

(1:10) - Andy laments when Vinnie claims he only invites him to the show when Vinnie can't get a hot piece of ass on the show :-)

(5:15) - Andy and Vinnie discuss myths and stereotypes on gay male sex drives vs. female sex drives.


(7:30) - There's a time and place for intermittent or medical fasts if you have broken metabolism is one thing. Fasting because you have 3 lbs to lose is more like dietary trickery and is not necessarily a good thing to do. Gaming the system doesn't work


(11:00) - Vinnie has never had a cortisone shot and is not a fan of them. In the past, athletes would be injected with cortisone to mask the pain from an injury allowing them to continue to play. Masking pain with cortisone can do more harm than good, making the injury worse.  

(12:30) - Bill Walton broke his foot while playing for UCLA and John Wooten. They shot him up with cortisone so he could continue playing. Now he is a fan of ultra-cycling and the 508. He had a lifetime of problems with his foot as a result of that injury.


(14:00) - Cortisone may have its place, but R.I.C.E.  may work just as well: Rest - Ice - Compress - Elevate. Ask your doctor if this is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

(16:20) - By Anna's book Eat Happy

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