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Mar 30, 2018

: Episode 1026 - Dr. Ken Berry joins Vinnie today to discuss his book Lies My Doctor Told Me, the importance of sleep, his general journey that converted him to a LCHF Diabetic specialist, and more.



  • Dr. Berry was slender most of his life
  • Eventually, he got out of med school and began to gain weight
  • Wanted to lose weight so he cut calories, sat fats, and began exercising
    • However, he continued to gain weight
      • He figured that cutting fats and counting calories and exercising was not the optimal way to lose weight
        • How could he tell his patients to do this if it didn't even work for him?
  • He found that LCHF and Paleo was the way to go
    • Read books like The Paleo Solution and The Primal Blueprint
  • Cortisol is second, only to insulin 
    • SLEEP is incredibly important 
      • If you don't sleep enough, you can gain weight and it can be harder to lose weight
  • He realized he had been taught the wrong stuff
    • He needed to learn the truth to help others 
    • Dr. Berry never learned that fat could be good, and that it was your body's preferred fuel