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Jan 17, 2018

: Episode 977 - Vinnie & Andy share some customer support stories in a new segment called "Tales from the Mail Bag" that includes coffee drama, vitamin mathematics, and BB's.



  • Vinnie ran out of coffee at home
    • How does a guy who owns a coffee company run out of coffee for himself?
  • All three blends have done quite well
    • Honey Process & Athletic blend are neck and neck in popularity
  • They all have unique qualities that appeal to different flavors and things
  • Athletic blend has a heck of a lot more caffeine
    • Vinnie was trying to appeal to his "down-home-on-the-bayou" roots
  • Andy is the #1 customer service guy
    • He has likely never said no to any request
    • He has issued refunds for anyone who didn't receive the product or was dissatisfied
  • Andy and Dillon are the best customer service duo out there
    • They respond to EVERYTHING with amazing speed
  • PCC gets an email from this guy - he bought some coffee and hated it
    • Ordered the biweekly subscription (delivery every two weeks)
    • Right away requested a refund after having the coffee for no more than a day
    • Andy says - send us back the unused back, we will cancel the subscription and issue a refund for the second half of the delivery
    • The guy sends an email the next day, with the guy upset because he had to pay for the first bag 
    • Andy says - okay, we'll refund the first if you send back what is left
    • The guy sends an email the next day, and the guy says he no longer has the packaging anymore, and asks if he can send it in a Ziploc bag
    • Andy says - sure, no problem, send it in the Ziploc bag - at this point, he thinks it is over
    • The guy sends an email the next day requesting a mailing label so that he does not have to pay for the postage back 
    • Most people don't stress like this! This was a strange occurrence.