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Jun 27, 2018

: Episode 1090 - Andy joins Vinnie this Wednesday to discuss Mike Myers' "Coffee Talk", the fact that coffee truly is a healthy drink, its antioxidant effects, and more on this episode!


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  • There really are only three healthy drinks
  • Water, coffee, and tea
  • Maybe one day PVC will make some tea, too!
  • Coffee is interesting, because it is good for you, but doctors will tell you otherwise
    • Doctors worry about high blood pressure, but most drink tons of coffee and don't have high blood pressure
    • There have always been conflicting articles
      • However, even the articles that criticized coffee made coffee seem good in the report itself
  • We came up with a few reasons that coffee is, in fact, good for you 
  • Firstly, our coffee is not white labeled
    • It is personally selected - Vinnie and Andy traveled around and out of the country to find the best 
  • Andy recently found out an interesting study
    • The positive antioxidant effect of coffee had a direct correlation to the quality of beans
    • Highest antioxidant effects found in medium to dark roast
  • Caffeine does come in healthy amounts!
  • USC & cancer org recently conducted a study
    • 1 cup of coffee - people had lower risks (about 12%) of many diseases including kidney, cancer, etc.
    • 3 cups, even LOWER risk!
    • A similar study looked at people from all different places, cultures, genetic makeups
      • Same result!