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Jul 28, 2017

: Episode 865 - Nutritionist, lecturer and former vegan Christine Cronau joins Vinnie to talk about how she was blacklisted from speaking at major universities in Australia because of the character assassination waged against her by vegan hate groups.



  • Nutritionist, best selling author
  • Author of many books, including "The Fat Revolution" as well as a corresponding cookbook
  • Christine is a former vegan but after realizing that was not healthy and sugar feeds cancer, she switched to a high fat low carb approach
  • She usually speaks at colleges, now has been blacklisted from some
    • Due to vitriolic vegan hate groups who protested with name calling so loudly than many universities cancel on Christine
      • Four universities have cancelled
      • It is complete rubbish, they attack her character without knowing her just because they want to push their vegan agenda 



NOTE: Her books are not available from Amazon. You can purchase copies of her books here: