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Jun 27, 2016

: Episode 626 - Co-host Anna Vocino joins Vinnie Tortorich today to talk about kids' lunches, sugar, coffee, and obesity.



  • Dr. Yudkin
  • 1972, book written about the dangers of sugar
  • Cool thing is back in the early '60s there was a war between Dr. John Yudkin and Ancel Keys
    • Ancel argued yes carbs, Yudkin argued sugar and carbs are bad
    • K ration in war is still based off of Keys
    • Keys only pushed sugar because it helped his wallet
      • Keys himself did not eat high carbs 
        • "cereal is for the little people"
  • Sounded the alarm back in the 70s
  • Check out interesting article and also Lustig's speech here! 
  • Yudkin was ridiculed and shamed, but posthumously it is making a comeback 
  • Gladiators would stuff themselves with grains to get a layer of fat so when they fought they had something to protect them 



  • Your body treats fake sweeteners and honey and stevia the same as it does all sugar
    • Agave syrup is sugar!!! 
    • Causes a reaction in your liver
  • Vinnie puts one of three things in his coffee:
    • Coconut oil, for a little extra energy 
    • HWC or some whole milk
    • A little bit of kerrygold butter 
  • Coffee in and of itself is a flavor -- if you don't like how it tastes, then don't drink it
    • "Just put some coffee in your coffee"
    • Remains bitter but eventually once you stop eating sugar and processed crap it won't be so bitter
    • Same goes with all 'bitter' things -- your taste buds will change and you'll miss out on less
      • The fact that sugar changes your tastebuds is disconcerting enough


  • Anna would rather see you pack a sandwich with hard boiled eggs and fresh veggies and such than something like a Lunchable 
    • So processed and chemical-y
  • At the very least, nothing should be a processed food in a package
  • Carrots, cucumbers, nuts, apples, peanut butter, eggs, etc. 
  • Just because food is from somewhere with healthy options doesn't mean it is healthy
  • Kids having a knowing within them if you start to awaken it