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Jun 24, 2018

: Episode 1088 - This Sunday, we are bringing back a podcast that aired just about a year ago! In this podcast, the amazing Nina Teicholz debunks the BS Netflix doc, "What The Health". Excitingly, Nina has agreed to be in Vinnie's upcoming Fat doc, where Vinnie and others will tell the truth about health and fitness.



  • From NorCal
  • Has gone to a number of extremely excellent schools
  • Argues that nutrition experts over the past 60 years have been wrong in regards to eating fat
  • Investigative journalist
  • Friend of Gary Taubes, as is Vinnie
  • Believes in a low carb diet!
    • Before going to LCHF, she had bone spurs and sinus infections
      • She realized this SAD was not the right diet
  • Incredibly educated, amazing woman
    •  A number of books and decades of research
  • Suppression of the science is why the Standard American Diet prevails
    • Studies that PROVED Low Carb was GOOD were hidden by those in charge
  • 7 Country study which "proved" low fat is good was a false, BS study
  • British Medical Journal backs Nina's findings
  • Hears of plenty of situations Diabetes Association/Heart Association threaten LCHF Scientists with revocation of licenses if they teach NSNG
    • "inappropriately reversed diabetes"
    • She covered and was involved with the trial involving Dr. Noakes
  • Has done what nobody else has done in the war of bringing sat fats back into existence
    • Really talked about Ancel Keys and showed how he was wrong and why he did what he did
      • Discusses other better studies
  • Check out her book here! The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet


  • This is a new Netflix documentary
  • We have done two other podcasts on this 'documentary'
  • However, when it comes down to it, it  is full BS
  • This documentary is all about how meat and the like is bad for you
    • The science does NOT BACK IT UP
      • They only chose studies that work for them
  • Eggs, meat not bad for you
    • Crazy to think otherwise
    • Frustrating that celebrities are pushing out this false information as well
  • Eating meat and high fat has proven to be good for so many people
    • Check out the FB group for example
    • Helps blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • Veganism is not a healthy way to live
  • What this movie preaches is hypocritical
    • Their suggestions on how to live will make many sick


You can read Nina's article debunking the "science" behind Netflix's What The Health here

Here's a sample:

The film makes 37 health claims, and for this review, I investigated every single one. (WTH also makes a myriad of claims about contaminants and issues of environmental impact, but these are outside my field of expertise, so I looked only at the claims on health.) - READ THE ARTICLE HERE


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