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Feb 29, 2016

Vinnie Tortorich and co-host Anna Vocino host this Monday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast. The two discuss Jillian Michaels, Vinnie's new "Fit or Bullshit" segment on the Carolla show, and Ru El is this week's special Monday guest!



  • Anna ASKED an MC at a comedy show to call her a "derogatory" Italian name and the MC refused 
  • Vinnie was talking to a black girl named Keisha about all the different names containing "Keisha" including "Nakeisha and Lakeisha"
    • The two were getting along quite well, and then another black girl in the class asked Vinnie to repeat the convo so she could record it and chop it up and show Vinnie in a bad light 
      • Even though he was not being racist and was literally just talking about black culture with a black student
  • Does not think Bernie would be a good president -- he is too socialist and would take the money out of our pockets 


  • Jillian Michaels was saying that you can eat grains as long as you watch your caloric intake (UGH!)
  • Admitted on the Carolla show that she: dropped out of CSUN after 1 semester, became a fitness trainer online because she had a good body from karate 
    • Vinnie's lawyer went online to see how long it would take to become a lawyer -- took about 30 mins 
  • She tried to get Villa Cappelli as a sponsor after we had them as a sponsor, they refused because they would have lost Vinnie and they believe in REAL health and fitness 
  • She got onto the Carolla show a week after Vinnie was on 


  • Lots of people got these cheap, not very legitimate training degrees because they thought become a trainer would be easy and make you rich
    • Certainly not the case
  • Basically costs $600 to become a trainer
    • Vinnie actually has a college degree in this, unlike most other trainers (especially gym trainers)
  • Vinnie now has a segment on Adam's big show "Fit or Bullshit"


  • When he was a kid, would drink Fanta Grape Soda
    • Vinnie drank Dr. Pepper and Anna Coca Cola
      • Never really in the house for Vinnie 
  • From Guam (of Filipino heritage) 
    • Not Vinnie's "Guam"
  • Has his own podcast: "Ru El's Running podcast"
    • Talks about how NSNG has helped his body tremendously
      • Level of excitement that comes with this lifestyle positively affecting everything so much 
    • Has somewhat of a technical background so he could figure out podcasting pretty easily