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Feb 26, 2016

Brad Kearns, author and triathlete, joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Friday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer. The two discuss growing up in the 60's and 70's, finding the right life-path for you, and becoming a professional triathlete.



  • Vinnie came onto the Primal Blueprint podcast (Brad's), and he advertised for PVC
    • Vinnie's segment was edited out because they had a policy where they don't want people to advertise for products they sell on their website already (vitamins)
  • Brad and Vinnie had a slight disagreement about that, now they are good friends!
    • They briefly talked bad about each other, but now they are close and are fans of each other
  • Brad became a hero of Vinnie's because he ended up being a stand up guy


  • Check out Brad's website
  • Works with Mike Sisson
  • One of the best triathletes in history
  • Went to the hospital for the first time in 20 years last year
    • Had appendicitis (he thinks it was brought on by severe dehydration and just not being fully healthy because Brad had been overtraining)
  • Character building process having to move on from racing to the rest of your career
  • Won a ton in his 20s! Check out his accolades on his website, link above
  • Has separated and compartmentalized the wonderful accessibility of digital communication and real life communication
  • Plays speed golf!!!!!


  • Facebook is going to die out, the two think
  • Kids are programmed to be great at everything
  • Everything is more intense
  • Very different time, less hippy-dippy than when Vinnie and Brad grew up 


  • They created triathlons for professionals 
  • Brad worked in accounting for 12 weeks after attending UCLA, then he realized he did not like it, and worked to become a pro triathlete
  • Not a lot of money in it, but he pursued it none the less
  • Won over 30 triathlons, including 7 in a row 
  • Brad had a pure and natural motivation for competing as an athlete 
  • Brad got his butt kicked for awhile, then eventually started to catch up to these old pros 
  • His first triathlon, he was 24th/27 after the first run section, then he ended up winning, beating guys like Molina and Sousa 
    • Was 4 minutes behind the leaders because they were all going way too quickly and bonked