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Nov 13, 2014

In today’s episode, Vinnie and Dean answer listener questions about fitness for runners, fitness over 40, Serena and Wendy, Vinnie’s shoulder  surgery and Vinnie kinda flipping out when a listener, known as Jess, says that Vinnie got cancer because he eats meat!  Worth the price of admission...

Dean the Kayaker Asks How is Fitness Different After 40

  • Muscle builds up at the same rate at 40 as it does at 20
  • Need more down time and need to start easy
  • Body adapts...24 - 48 hours between workouts is good

Courtney Asks What Exercises Are Good for Running

  • Runner’s upper body not used
  • Planks help build core, overhead press, rowing and/or lat pulls
  • Ham strings are important and need to be worked
  • Quads also need to be worked

Serena and Wendy Want to Know Why Vinnie Doesn’t Fix His Shoulder

  • Vinnie is concerned that the surgery needs a lot of downtime for recovery and he doesn’t have that kind of time to spare
  • Vinnie is always in pain...Football ripped his shoulder to bits
  • Very little range of motion in shoulder
  • Surgery can only be done once since there is very little bone to work with

A Caller Named Jess

  • Apparently, Jess believes Vinnie got cancer because he eats meat!
  • And Vinnie, in Vinnie’s unique way, lets Jess know he is wrong
  • Vinnie “gently” explains to Jess that cancer can strike anyone and while diet can does not exclusively cause or cure disease