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Oct 23, 2014

Ebola...just the mention of it makes people panic.  What’s true and what is media hype?  How does it spread?  Is there a drug or vaccine to cure it?  Vinnie discusses Ebola with Dr. Steve, host of “Weird Medicine” which airs on SIrius Radio at 10 pm EST as well as his podcast...and these are totally different shows.  They also discuss health, well-being, diet and, of course, Vinnie somehow brings the show around to Dr. Steve’s personal sex life.  

How Our Eating Habits Have Evolved

  • In the 60’s, 45% of our calories came from good fats and oils
  • At that time, 13% of all adults were obese
  • Under 1% had Type ll Diabetes
  • The government stepped in and said we should get less calories from fat and more from grains...
  • Now 33% of our calories come from fat and oil, 35% of adults are obese and 11% of population has Diabetes, most of it Type II

Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • Not a medical term but symptoms include bloating, cramps, gas, acid reflux and a foggy feeling - there is anecdotal evidence that NSNG is helpful
  • When Dr. Steve got off of grains he got rid of symptoms
  • Fluid leakage probably due to inflammation

The Ebola Virus

  • Reminiscent of the panic in the 80’s over AIDS
  • It is a poorly transmitted disease, if not, it would already be all over the world
  • Only 9,000 people in Africa have contracted it and 4,000 are dead.  Statistically, these are not high numbers
  • Ebola is a disease that sets up intense inflammation which causes the bleeding

What’s Next?

  • Looking for a vaccine
  • Not a cure, but an effective serum which will help our body fight the virus
  • Government needs to get needs to and should have gotten involved a long time ago
  • We thought Ebola would never spread because it killed it’s victims so quickly, but we were wrong