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Sep 25, 2014

Today’s guest is Bryan Bishop, aka “Bald Bryan” who is best know for being part of the Adam Carrolla Radio Show.  They now host one of the most-listened to Podcasts on the internet.  At age 29. Bryan was diagnosed with a brain tumor and went on to write the New York Times best-seller book, “Shrinkage”.  Vinnie and Bryan discuss the “cancer journey”, writing a book and getting published.

Meeting His Wife Christine

  • Bryan and Christine met at a rehearsal dinner in Scottsdale, Arizona...only to discover that they had already met and had spent time together
  • They were already engaged when Bryan got the diagnosis of Brainstem Glioma, a malignant tumor in his brainstem
  • Was given 6 months to a year to live
  • They never even considered canceling the wedding

Getting the Diagnosis

  • They found out two months before the wedding
  • There was a big disparity between doctors...the good and the not-so-good
  • Have to remember that doctors are not God and it’s okay to get a second opinion
  • You have to be your own advocate when dealing with doctors and hospitals


  • Bryan didn’t get the expected side effects from chemo...radiation was worse
  • At one point Bryan was using a walker and a wheelchair just to get from the sofa to the bathroom
  • Christine was his 24/7 caretaker
  • At this point they had both lost their jobs and had no money

Parallel Between Vinnie’s and Bryan’s Cancer Experience

  • Vinnie is a celebrity trainer and was diagnosed in 2007 with Leukemia
  • Getting chemo was the first break he had ever taken...he was used to getting up at 4:30 in the morning
  • Actually got the chance to watch “The Godfather” Part I and II, back-to-back
  • Came back to work in the middle of the writer’s strike, which affected his clients and his business, and then had to deal with a bad economy