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Sep 23, 2014

Listen in on another great podcast with Anna and Vinnie.  Meet Andy Schreiber, the new head of of Vinnie’s “Pure Vitamin Club”.  They discuss how they met many challenges and managed to get the best vitamin/mineral formula possible, deliver it right to your door and keep the price affordable.  Get Vinnie’s take on hydration and how much water do we really need.  And listen to an amazing letter from one of our listeners talking about her experience with living the NSNG Lifestyle and how it changed her life.


  • People do not have to be told when to hydrate
  • Drink when your body tells you to...when you are thirsty
  • Drink more when you are exercising
  • It’s amazing how much water we drink and so many people are still fat

Andy Schreiber and Vinnie’s “Pure Vitamin Club”

  • Andy Schreiber is now running the Pure Vitamin Club
  • Andy wanted the vitamins to be the absolutely best formula without additives and fillers
  • The biggest challenge was to find the right manufacturer
  • Vinnie insisted that his vitamins have no fillers and was told over and over that it couldn’t be done

Do People Really Care About Filler

  • Most people don’t read the label
  • Other filler ingredients include silica, titanium dioxide and maltodextrin
  • Titanium Dioxide is used in paint and is a mineral whitener

Letter from Australian Listener

  • Nadia has been NSNG since February 2012 and is an ultra athlete
  • Training for 3 marathons in 3 days when her father died in England
  • Had to withdraw from all 3 marathons 
  • Wasn’t sure she was still fat adapted from NSNG until today when she ran 32k without any fuel

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