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Sep 18, 2014

Isabel Foxen-Duke is a Brooklyn-based Life Coach who teaches a master class called “Stop Fighting Food” that focuses on food and our mindset around food.  She discusses the physical and emotional reasons that diets and calorie restriction actually encourages binge eating.  Join Anna and Isabel and learn about a new attitude toward dieting and food.

We Live in a Diet Culture

  • Look at diet from the evidence-based standpoint that “the degree to which we have restriction in our lives is the degree to which we tend to lean on food for emotional comfort”
  • Emotional eating is impulsive and a craving that is out of our control 
  • We are taught to use willpower to actively fight our body’s needs

Why People Fail at Diets

  • Dieting is deciding what your body needs by some external plan rather than our individual needs
  • In “calorie deprivation”, the need for food now - our biology - will win in the attempt of getting our blood sugar back up
  • There are two parts:  The physical aspect and the emotional aspect

Emotional Aspect

  • There is guilt, shame and moral judgement for making “bad” food choices
  • This is a precursor to spiraling binge-eating...we’re either off the wagon or on the wagon
  • Need to get to a place of peace around food...taking our power back from food
  • We give food so much power - as if eating a cupcake makes us a “disgusting fatty”

“Stop Fighting Fat” Course

  • Learn new coping mechanisms
  • If I do eat emotionally, how do I do I keep from binging
  • Develop an ease and sanity around food
  • Learn to finally drop the fight and make food about instinct and biology

Stop Fighting Food teaches women how to “stop feeling crazy around food.” That means, get off the diet-binge cycle, stop feeling “out of control around food,” and finally have a life that doesn’t revolve around trying to lose the last 10 (or 50) lbs. This program addresses the thinking that underlies compulsive eating and obsession with food, rather than giving specific behavioral instructions or nutrition information. The Free Video Training Series (an introduction to the work) covers topics like: 

-Why trying to control yourself around food always backfires

-The two primary reasons people eat outside of physical need (The difference between Emotional Eating & Binge-Eating)

-Why having a “normal” relationship with food requires liking your body first

The Master Class goes into extensive depth on topics like “intuitive eating,” “emotional/binge eating,” “body positivity” and will leave women with all of the mental tools they need to take their power back from food.

Stop Fighting Food (affiliate link) and Stop Fighting Food (non-affiliate link).  We offer you guys both links so you can choose what you'd like to use.