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Sep 16, 2014

It’s our 300th episode!  We are celebrating “Success Stories with NSNG.”  Join the party as we read letters from and talk to listeners who have had life-changing success living the NSNG lifestyle...everything from weight loss, to better sleep, more energy, relief from headaches, high blood pressure and digestive problems.  Thank you to all our listeners and Superfans who make this whole podcast possible!

Steve Dellerose

  • Steve is 24 years old and weighed 635 pounds.  His doctors told him to have gastric bypass or die
  • With bypass he lost 135 pounds and weighed 500 pounds but stalled at that weight for 14 years
  • Found Vinnie through Bobby Kelly...Started NSNG on April 1 at 446 pounds and in  four months was down to 380 pounds
  • Exercised 3-5 times a week, loves it, and feels great

Mary Sailors McInnis

  • Has been on NSNG for one year, 5 months and 20 days and has lost 85 pounds
  • She hasn’t slipped because it isn’t a diet
  • She uses “Vinnie-isms” everyday
  • She has no more sugar headaches

Kate Thompson

  • Hasn’t lost weight but has developed a healthy relationship with food
  • She no longer gets migraines
  • With “ calories in/calories out”, she was just starving herself

Whitney Chapman

  • At 46, he had to take medicine for high blood pressure
  • He started the NSNG Lifestyle February 2014 at 307 pounds
  • In 5 months he was down to 262 pounds
  • He cut his blood pressure medicine in half and now runs 2 miles and swims l/2 mile everyday

Carrie Standish

  • Carrie is 5’2” and has weighed over 200 pounds since she was 20 and reached 250 pounds before her second baby
  • She was suffering from obesity, depression and Fibromyalgia and taking medication for her conditions.  She had chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog
  • Taken her a year to lose 50 pounds on NSNG.  Don’t get frustrated...not a’s a lifestyle
  • After NSNG, routinely swinging a 20 pound kettle bell and ran a 5K
  • Can go six weeks without any Fibromyalgia flare up

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