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Aug 28, 2014

Quentin Vennie is a writer, speaker, wellness coach and yoga guide based out of New York City.  Anna and Quentin discuss his struggles with anxiety and depression.  Quentin talks about managing these issues through his "Trinity of Wellness" as well as the influence social media has in our everyday lives.

Anna and Quentin issue a September Challenge to quiet the mind for five minutes a day!

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Quentin's Struggles with Anxiety and Depression

  • General public has no idea about dealing with depression and anxiety
  • After Quentin was diagnosed with general anxiety and panic disorder, he was advised to go on medication
  • Ended up with dependence and addiction to these drugs
  • Doctor wanted him to switch to another medication but Quentin wanted another path


  • Robin Williams and social media has the power to influence our opinions about mental health
  • We don't want to feel the pain and  fear so we medicate ourselves
  • Anna and Quentin discuss what can cut people off from life
  • Feeing like there's no purpose or happiness in life and wanting to escape

Yoga, Nutrition and Meditation

  • "Trinity of Wellness"... daily meditation, juicing and yoga ... these things are non-negotiable
  • Saved Quentin's life and manage his anxiety and depression
  • Calms the mind
  • Does yoga with Tara Stiles

Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

  • True happiness comes from within
  • Change takes time and practice
  • We are perfectly imperfect

Russell Simmons' fantastic primer on how to meditate: Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple

Shawn Stevenson's wonderful book on sleep: Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success