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Dec 27, 2013

Vinnie and Anna talk to Natural Running Coach Richard Diaz.

Check out Richard's site: Diaz Human Performance.

Richard Diaz

Richard Diaz, founder of diaz human performance LLC., a California corporation established in the year 2000, provides an umbrella for his coaching, education and diagnostic services.

Mr. Diaz has a long history in the world of sports performance, dating as far back as 1980, as CEO and founder of a sports marketing company in Hawaii, known as Competitive Sports Ent. Inc., having produced and directed the first professional Triathlon in the U.S. for CBS Sports, endurance sport has always been his passion. With 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry and 18 years performing VO2 max tests and various other clinical performance assessments, Mr. Diaz believes that, to be successful in any venture, you must be able to identify a problem and provide a solution. With this irrefutable truth in mind, now and over the past few decades, diaz human performance has created programs that solve problems for endurance and fitness athletes.