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Oct 27, 2018

: Episode 1177 - Listener and boxer Glenn Barras joins Vinnie from Louisiana to talk about how a low-carb diet allowed Glenn to lose weight and feel better, and the fact that age is just a number for athletes like Glenn and Vinnie.



  • From the Baton Rouge area
    • Vinnie could tell by his accent and phone number
  • Former Air Force guy
  • 54 years old and a boxer!
    • Boxing is all adrenaline
    • Age is largely but a number
    • Old does not mean you shouldn't keep doing things like the sports you love
    • Part of why Glenn still does it is because he still can!
  • He has had several consults with Vinnie 
  • Glenn wants to stay active and inspire others to stay active 
  • Keep the weight off and what you can do is pretty limitless
    • Many of Vinnie's high school and college classmates gained TONS of weight
      • This partly made him exercise more because he didn't want this for him 
      • Glenn had a similar experience
        • Gained a lot of weight when he stopped playing rugby
          • Had trouble reaching down to tie his shoes and he hated it 
  • Did the 'good' low fat thing and exercise and still gained weight 
    • Wasn't eating fat, but his trigs were still up - this did not make sense to him  
    • The "conventional wisdom" did not work -- switched over to Low Carb
    • Found NSNG because he was researching
      • Could feel that the low fat wasn't working and was wrong 
      • Knew he had to get off the sugar 
  • Low carb/NSNG revolutionized Glenn's life 
  • Glenn (and Vinnie) had to battle the Southern culture that says they 'live to eat'