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Oct 27, 2017

: Episode 924 - Ivor Cummins,  presenter of the popular YouTube video Cholesterol Conundrum joins Vinnie to give 10 things that will transform your health as well as explain how his background as an engineering problem-solver helped him heal his body.



  • Ivor Cummings is an engineer who experienced health problems and wanted to do something about it
  • Read over 200 reports having to do with cholesterol
    • Realized we misunderstood carbs, fat, metabolism completely
  • Check out his vid below!
  • You need really good tests to see how healthy you really are
    • You can look okay on the outside, but have a problem inside
  • Calcification test is a good one
    • Arterial age, how much disease is in you
  • Some tips to transform your health:
    • Eliminate refined carbs and sugars
      • You can't have a few
    • Eliminate process foods 
    • Eliminate bad vegetable oils
    • Eat healthy fat
      • Lamb, fish, avocados 
    • Fasting is great for many people! (Jason Fung)
      • Don't use it like dietary trickery 
    • Make sure you get enough protein!
    • Try and get a lot of sleep
      • It's tough, but it really does make the difference
    • Try to reduce stress
    • Get enough salt
    • More in his upcoming book!