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Oct 29, 2018

: Episode 1179 - Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino talk Vinnie's recent drive to Louisiana, what to eat on long distance drives, obesity in the south, the Fat Doc, Type II Diabetes, vegan doctors, and more on this Monday show.



  • Vinnie just drove to Louisiana
  • He did this podcast out of his old digs in Louisiana
  • He will be releasing "Tuesday Tips"
  • Fasted a good amount during his drive - Vinnie loves to drive!
  • NEVER eat something sweet and carby when you drive because it will make you sleepy
  • The fact that he was fat adapted helped him get through the drive
  • Coffee and nuts are his staples while driving
    • Macadamia nuts were the best
    • Villa Cappelli he also had
  • Vinnie stopped at an Applebees on the way
    • Watched the World Series while he was there
    • Ordered shrimp and steak and broccoli
      • Looked like they had just served gravy
        • Steak covered in gravy 
        • Vinnie scraped it off as much as possible and ate it
    • Really not great


  • The population in Louisiana is very overweight
  • Big difference between LA and the bayou
  • People are so much heavier
  • Vinnie looked around and saw how many unhealthy, even dying, obese people there were
      • It's sad
      • We want things to turn around, but people are getting more and more sick