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Aug 10, 2019

: Episode 1382 - Listener Jill Rieder and her mother, Judy, join Vinnie on this Saturday edition of the podcast to discuss Jill's weight loss and health journey, overcoming eating disorders with dietary ketosis, food obsessions, cold-turkey, and more.




  • Jill has been on the show before here
  • Her mother, Judy, joins her
  • The three met at KetoCon
  • Jill has lost a lot of weight via NSNG®
    • She had tried everything
      • Eating disorders, CICO, exercise, etc.
        • None of it helped her with sustainable weight loss
  • Judy watched her daughter living life morbidly obese
    • Didn't feel like there was anything she could do
    • Judy had done an Atkins type diet previously
      • Never gained weight like her daughter, could lose weight easily
  • Jill married young, didn't feel like she was living up to who she should have been
    • Binge ate, struggled with bulimia
      • Continued this until she was 38
  • She still has issues, but now that she's deep in dietary ketosis, her brain function remains normal
  • Jill attests that she's seen the reversal of her T2 diabetes through NSNG®
  • Food has been a big part of their family's life
    • Judy did not have the addiction in the same way
      • Felt she could walk away from unhealthy food - many people struggle with this
  • Jill believes going cold turkey and not using subs is the way to go 
  • She's lost tons of weight, no longer has health issues
    • Changed her life completely