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May 27, 2016

: Episode 607 - Dr. Foti Panagakos joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Friday show to discuss oral hygiene and the link between whole body health and good oral hygiene.



  • A super-dentist! 
  • Graduated with degree in biochemistry and has masters in education and business administration
  • Also works with diabetes management 
  • Avid listener of the show! 
    • Was a phone caller
  • Runs scientific affairs for a big company
    • Translates science for professionals and consumers
  • Breakthrough with oral health care work 
  • Is NSNG


  • Check out this article on oral hygiene & diabetes management 
  • Getting your teeth cleaned can cause bacteria to get in your bloodstream so you have to be careful, make sure your dentist/hygienist is doing the right thing 
  • Transient Bacteremia when you eat or do something that makes your mouth bleed
    • Spike in bacteria in bloodstream
      • an issue when it happens multiple times a day, but just once will go away after about 30 mins
      • not an issue for those with healthy immune systems, but for those with compromised immune systems this can be an issue 
    • This is the link that means what is happening in your mouth affects the rest of your body 
    • For those with compromised immune systems, maybe a good idea to take an antibiotic before and after a teeth cleaning 
  • Fair number of people in the US (& worse in UK) only brush once a day
    • You should brush twice a day!
  • Little bottle brushes are better than string floss 
    • Less germy and easier to use
    • Speak to your dental hygienist about what size to get