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Jun 25, 2016

: Episode 625 - John Wanglin joins Vinnie Tortorich today to talk about his NSNG Success.



  • Heard about Vinnie via the Carolla effect
    • Has been really great for Vinnie -- he loves Adam!!! 
  • Since finding Vinnie in October, John got on the NSNG train and went really strict, then fell off the wagon, and got back on after the New Year
    • Since then, he has lost 60lbs
    • This is the first diet change that he has enjoyed
      • It has become a new lifestyle for him -- not like any other 'diet' he has been on 
  • John is under 300 lbs for the first time in forever!
    • Feels so much better, as well
  • His wife also jumped on board and has lost weight and feels so much better


  • After losing so much weight, John feels worlds better
  • He went back to the doctor without fear, and is waiting to hear back about his numbers
    • Re: his liver and triglycerides, blood pressure, etc.