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May 31, 2019

: Episode 1331 - Scott Mulvaney joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss his own podcast, Live the Fuel, Rocky, the Fat Doc, the fact that NSNG® is not restrictive in terms of what you can eat and what you can accomplish with it, Scott's recent stay in the hospital, his recovery, and more.



  • Scott hails from Philly
  • He knows more about Vinnie than Vinnie does
    • Actually works for Vinnie!
  • He's been with Vinnie through all of the Fat Doc stuff
    • This documentary will come out very soon!
    • Scott was a huge help
  • Puts up all of Vinnie's Insta posts 
    • You'll see some vocab differences between the two
  • Scott has been podcasting for nearly 3 years
    • Has about 270 podcasts out
      • 2 a week
  • A huge NSNG® proponent
  • Doesn't feel restricted by this lifestyle
    • Eats lots of delicious food all the time and doesn't feel badly after it
  • A big outdoorsman 
    • Legit cyclist 
  • Suffered a serious injury
    • Had partial lung collapse for around 3 weeks before he went to the hospital
    • Thought he was having a chest cold  
    • Felt something shaking around in his chest when he was jump-roping
    • Hospitalized for 8 days
    • A pretty common injury in lean endurance athletes