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Jul 27, 2015

Vinnie Tortorich and co-host Anna Vocino tackle NSNG on today’s Monday edition of the Angriest Trainer podcast! In a few words, this is an NSNG 101. 



  • For a small cost, you can have access to every show ever done!
  • Lots of cool interviews like Minnie Driver, talking ketosis, nutella, etc! Worth checking out


  • Good NSNG smoothie with berries, creme fresh, ginger root, turmeric 
  • We use a Vitamix to make our smoothies — click through to get free shipping! 


  • Everything is doing well
  • PT exercises 5 times a day, at least 1 hr of aerobic exercise each day


  • Alyssa from Long Island won by buying a Squatty Potty through Amazon! 
  • You can win by submitting an e-mail of the most interesting thing you bought this week (through the Amazon banner on Vinnie’s website) 
  • Alyssa won a 30 day supply of vitamins for her son with a sensitive gag reflex 


  • Shane Waley runs this cool podcast about juicing
  • Everyone should check it out because Vinnie feels that juicing must be done right, and Shane teaches it well 
  • Shane’s a vegan 


  • There are only about 8 people throughout the multiple Facebook groups that Vinnie’s name is associated with that call Vinnie names and hate on him
  • Vinnie is glad to have his name off of these things so he is not associated with people calling him an asshole


  • Many callers begin to plateau 
  • Vinnie asks for their basics to see where they are (take me through your day) 
  • Caller couldn't lose weight because he was eating things like balance bars

NSNG means no grains of any kind, and relatively no sugar other than that found in things like fruit.  Generally, artificial sweeteners and chemicals can also prevent ketosis or a real weight losing state of being.  NSNG is a low carb high fat lifestyle rather than a diet, and those who pursue NSNG often feel better both physically and mentally, and are able to be their best selves on it.  Of course, Vinnie supports putting life into living and having a little non-NSNG snack every now and then, but being strict with oneself when it comes to losing weight on NSNG is often important.  Everyone is different, however -- while diets high in dairy may still allow some to lose weight, it may prevent others from losing it, and starchy foods like potatoes can also affect people differently.  Look for foods with low glycemic indexes and make sure you are eating enough each day! If you have any questions or concerns or would like to speak with Vinnie about NSNG, please contact him through the website and he will respond as quickly as possible.