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Aug 28, 2017

: Episode 886 - Vinnie tells Anna about his Mt Whitney hike debacle with his nephews who seemed to live on Swedish Fish and Gatorade...



  • Vinnie decided to go on a hiking trip with his two nephews and friend, Don 
  • His two nephews, one who is a freshman in college and the other who is a few years older, came to LA
  • They are from Louisiana so had no experience with altitude whatsoever 
  • Don and Vinnie got passes to go and hike Whitney
  • One of Vinnie's nephews was in great sport-shape, and the other one had some extra weight on him
  • The boys did not eat NSNG, in fact they ate a diet of mostly carbs
    • For example, literally ate candy for meals 
  • The altitude proved tough for them
  • His fitter nephew had more trouble than his overweight nephew
    • Fitter nephew seemed to give up quite early 
      • Hayden
    • Overweight nephew did quite well, although he did not summit, he pushed himself
      • Steel 
      • Also, now he is going to try out NSNG because he is determined to come back and summit the mountain in the future!!
  • The only one who actually got to summit was Don Coddington!
  • There were old ladies passing Vinnie's nephews
  • After the nephews ate an incredibly carby meal, nobody went to sleep though they had to wake up at one to hike
  • Vinnie made some great coffee on his little traveling stove 
    • Don and Vinnie put in some heavy cream and a little coconut oil
    • Don is huge on intermittent fasting