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Jul 29, 2022

Episode 2156 - On this Friday's show, Vinnie has "Lucy X" return to the show with more behind-the-scenes information from her online nutrition job, and they chat about keto, CICO, fasted exercise, bodybuilding, carbs, and much more.



  • Vinnie welcomes Lucy X back as she has some items to share regarding her job at an online health coaching job and she gives some of her backstory. (2:10)
  • They chat a bit about why Vinnie and NSNG® are so helpful, and it's because Vinnie's approach isn't misleading or gimmicky. (7:00)
  • Lucy X has brought three articles from the company to discuss with Vinnie and gets his take on them; as a result, there is a lot of good clarification by Vinnie on how nutrition and the body works. (11:30)
    • The first article is about keto and whether it's sustainable or worth doing. (12:10)
    • The second article is about "Health Myths Debunked" and they discuss things like CICO and fasted exercise vs. not fasted. (25:15)
    • The third article talks about bodybuilding, how much protein a person needs, supplements, how muscles grow, and more. (35:00)
  • Vinnie points out throughout the conversation the inaccuracies, discrepancies, and contradictions in the articles.
  • Lucy X goes on to add more behind-the-scenes info when she reveals that she and the other coaches are told to "coach around" the discrepancies and keep people moving forward on the program. (1:00:15)
  • They end the show making a great point about health coaching--it works best when you are telling the truth. (1:02:00)