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Nov 20, 2014

Today Vinnie is doing a three-way with two other dudes, Mark and RIck, (yeah, that’s right) who are the hosts of the Simply Human Podcast. They talk about health, fitness, sleep and enjoying life. Additionally, Vinnie decides to teach these “30-something” guys how to be real men and decides that will be the title of his next book.

The Simply Human Podcast

The Simply Human Podcast Started about a year ago and Vinnie was first guest Rick and Mark have 4 pillars of health: Eat, Sleep, Move and Enjoy. They also have a segment called “ Humans being Human” which are funny stories about being human.  

First Pillar - Eat

  • It’s easier to focus on eliminating unhealthy foods
  • No sugar, no grains, no processed foods
  • Keep it simple

Second Pillar - Sleep

  • There is a natural process from day to is gradual and tells your body to start slowing down
  • Darkness tells your body to start producing Melatonin
  • Lights on after dark screw up your circadian rhythm and interferes with sleep
  • Body never gets a chance to wind down

Third Pillar - Move

  • Move slowly throughout the day
  • Can’t walk too much
  • Lift heavy things and move body through perfect range of motion
  • Strength training is anti-aging

Fourth Pillar - Enjoy

  • Need to manage stress
  • Stress should be our body’s response to survival ... not traffic jams
  • Stress causes inflammation which can lead to diseas