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Feb 1, 2019

: Episode 1246 - Bodybuilder Robert Sikes joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss competitive natural bodybuilding, eating keto vs. carbing up, gaining muscle sustainably, his Keto Savage brand, his diet and work out routine, and more on this fantastic episode.



  • Robert is a natural bodybuilder
  • Vinnie was on his show, check it out here on his Keto Savage podcast!
  • Most bodybuilders don't do this
    • Most use steroids and other products
  • This is the healthy way to engage in these competitions
  • It may take longer but it is so much better for you
  • Also sustainable to have these ripped bodies this way
  • Most bodybuilders think they need to carb up TONS then cut for 30 minutes of looking good
    • Robert eats keto all the time, and this is what keeps him looking so amazing and feeling so good
      • He's been ketogenic for 5 years
  • Robert used to do high protein high carbs, low to moderate fat
    • This is VERY inefficient
    • Messes with your hormones, too
    • The guys who do this look like zombies - takes the life out of them
  • Things that come easy and faster aren't usually the best things
    • Realizing this removed the temptation from the steroid route for Robert 
  • He doesn't take a lot of supplements
    • Takes Vitamin D and makes sure he gets enough salt, potassium, calcium in his food
  • Everything you put into your body matters
    • Taking a wholesome approach is the way to go
  • He takes his work outs seriously
    • One of the big things is squatting
    • For his chest: starts out with dumb bell flies, then onto cables, then bench press and similar things
    • Doesn't use more weight than he can handle