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Apr 27, 2018

: Episode 1046- Dr. Bret Scher joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two discuss dietary guideline myths, the AHA, stress, and low-carb heart health. 



  • Dr. Scher is a cardiologist
    • Believes in and prescribes low carb diets for those who want to maintain good heart health
    • Focuses on lifestyle and prevention
      • Primarily without medications
  • Located in San Diego, CA
  • Has a podcast and blog, check out his website and Twitter 
  • Has a free e-book and other literature available
  • Dietary guidelines can kill many people
  • Also does consults like Vinnie!
    • If you are worried about your heart health, contact Dr. Scher
  • Founder of Boundless Health
  • Stanford and The Ohio State University grad!


  • Whatever the reason, dietary guidelines hurt people
    • Increasing carbs hurts insulin resistance, other diseases
  • People have a hard time saying "my bad, I was wrong" so those with power and wrong information stick to their wrong info
  • Carbs are a silent killer that people promote as healthy 
  • Dr. Scher tries to avoids meds like statins
    • If people can eat well, they can largely avoid needing meds
    • Lifestyle is the most important
  • Dr. Scher thinks low-carb (NSNG) can largely prevent heart disease 
  • Quality of animal meat also affects health
  • Stress and peace of mind also affects our hearts and our health