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May 25, 2019

: Episode 1327 - Michael Just joins Vinnie to discuss his NSNG® transformation, losing 120 lbs, his work in prosthetics, gaining his life back, the dangers of veganism, and more on this Saturday show.



  • Joined the FB group years ago
  • Based in Oklahoma City – works for a prosthetic limbs company
    • Used to build them, now in sales
  • Had a consult with Vinnie about a year ago
  • 6'1", 43 this year, was 385 lbs
    • Now at 265 lbs
  • Found Vinnie through the Carolla effect
  • Always felt disbelief at how heavy he was 
    • Couldn't get clothes to fit
    • Used diet pills, lost a few lbs
    • Before NSNG®, was trying BS quick fixes
  • Around December of 2016 is when he realized it was time for a lifestyle change
  • A1C in the mid-6s, had been on blood pressure medicine
    • His doctor mentioned cutting carbs in January of 2017
    • A1C now down to 5, takes half of the dose he was on for BP meds
  • Saw a lot of the success stories on the FB group and dove in
  • Now he sleeps through the night
  • Never hangry like he was when he tried to eat alternative versions of 'healthy'
  • Been doing Ben B's workout plan
    • He's gained a ton of muscle with minimal effort