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Oct 26, 2015

Vinnie Tortorich and co-host Anna Vocino host this Monday's Angriest Trainer podcast. The two discuss Adam Corolla's shows, this week's Amazon winner, and how to deal with children eating poorly and being overweight, and then speak with Vinnie's mother, Mrs. Marie Tortorich.. 


  • Squatty Potty
  • Villa Cappelli
  • Pure Vitamin Club


  • Dr. Drew, Jimmy Kimmel, both have worked with Adam Corolla 
  • Best podcaster out there -- has won records for largest, most successful podcast
  • Vinnie was on a show with Adam Corolla -- many of Adam's fans have come to listen to Vinnie's podcasts!
  • Vinnie is on another one of Adam's shows, "Take a Knee" (guest #47)
    • Paid subscription, the show in general is totally worth it


  • Anna got into Columbia and other schools but went to Emory
  • Vinnie and Anna have a little rivalry because Vinnie went to Tulane
    • Lots of Jewish girls at Tulane


  • Picked out of a hat
  • Winner must always buy through Vinnie's link to Amazon to be entered to win a shirt or hat
  • Sue Baum won this week
  • Bought some things Vinnie approved of, and then a Ben Harper DVD
  • She went to Key West and put some LIL 
    • Felt baldy about sugary drinks and the way she was eating
      • Drinks such as daiquiris and pina coladas will make you feel sick!


  • Really wanted the topic of child obesity to be covered on the podcast
  • Listener found that her kids have been sneaking sugar 
    • Wants to help her kids without hurting their confidence 
  • Children are always paying attention to what their parents are saying and eating
    • Cannot hurt confidence, but can lead by example 
  • Don't look to grandparents and friends etc
    • Do what you can and never shame children for being overweight 


  • It is okay if you've had this, and have had it recently
  • However, the sooner you stop, the sooner you will feel better 
  • Eating real food proves how gross this type of fast food is 


  • Vinnie's mother is on this show
  • Breaks Donaldsonville citizens' hearts seeing cars being 'pimped' as opposed to being restored
  • Discuss the Catholic church -- Marie is a Eucharistic minister in her church 
  • To Vinnie: "Quit saying the F-word!!!" 
  • The Tortorich's grew up on eggs, vegetables
  • Grandmother's house resembled a restaurant
  • No fast food