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Apr 25, 2016

Episode 590 : Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich host this Monday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast where the two talk about recent listener questions as well as tabatas and "ketosis vs. fat adaptation" discussion.



  • In Louisiana, Vinnie figured out that the people he talked to were on average on 5 medications
  • A statin, a type 2 diabetes medication, high blood pressure pill, antidepressant, etc.
  • People were surprised when Vinnie told them he wasn't on medications


  • Vinnie and Dean self-published the first book
  • Vinnie has written a second book
  • Trying to work out how the next book will be released
  • Anna also decided to self publish because it is often an economically superior choice


  • Can be fat adapted without being in Ketosis 
  • Cannot be in ketosis without being fat-adapted 
  • Dietary ketosis IS NOT THE SAME as ketoacidosis 
    • Dietary ketosis DOES NOT LEAD to ketoacidosis 
      • Ketoacidosis can kill, dietary ketosis does not 
  • Dietary ketosis = body using fat as fuel instead of glucose
    • Restricting so much sugar that your body has to use fat stores
  • Fat adapted you can eat a bit more carbs but your body still processes things better
  • Just because you are in dietary ketosis, does not necessarily mean you will lose weight
  • The line is quite fine


  • Ruins Vinnie's gym time 
  • Tabata circles tie up lots of instruments that Vinnie wants to use 
  • Empty machines are being 'used' 
  • Tabata is not bad, interval training in the gym that takes up equipment frustrates Vinnie
  • Also, a lot of the time you do this you are in zone 3 or zone 4
    • Zone 2 is better for a lot of people