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Aug 27, 2017

: Episode 885 - Vinnie & Andy talk about how jumping rope is a great all-purpose exercise and how many famous athletes attribute their success to training with a jump rope.



  • Jumping rope is easy, quick, and fun!
  • You can get a lot out of jump rope
  • There are lots of tricks to learn and you can do it almost anywhere!
  • Also, double dutch is cool if you can get some other people to play with
  • It is awesome exercise and can always stay interesting
  • Buddy Lee is a guy you should look up - he is a super interesting man (and an amazing athlete/jump roper)
  • Jump rope can help with ALL of your other athletic pursuits
    • Vinnie thinks it helped him a ton with his football and could've helped him get his football scholarship!
  • Jump ropes are super easy to get - the ones from Buddy Lee are a little more expensive but super nice!