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Nov 27, 2017

: Episode 945 - Vinnie & Anna talk about our critics on Twitter, holiday eating, whether or not New Yorkers are thin because they walk everywhere, Matt G a success story, dealing with family who criticize our #NSNG lifestyle and much more...



  • Holidays can be particularly difficult, especially for those new to NSNG
  • You are surrounded by carbs and desserts even more than usul
  • Obviously, you will feel better if you stick to NSNG, but if you put a little LIL, it's okay!
  • Ultimately, what matters is what you do between Christmas and Thanksgiving, not between Thanksgiving and Christmas
    • Be warned, if you eat too much pie, you will feel sick!!!
  • Also particularly difficult when you are surrounded by family who does not understand NSNG or who does not support it 
  • Try to stick to it as much as possible
    • If you indulge, try and get back on the wagon right after!
  • Most of all, enjoy the time with your friends and family as much as possible while making sure you eat how you want to eat


Matt G's Before & After Pics

Matt G before & after NSNG


Vinnie & Andy in New York